New Sisters’ only email movement!

AssalamuAlaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

My Dear Sisters,

Marriage is a big step in a girls’ life. Going away from old relationships and going on to make new ones is no easy task. Mixed emotions are sure to follow and a fare share of tears will be shed :(

But we all get that instinctive feeling and “know” when it is time to complete half of our Dheen. We just “know” we are ready to take that next step. But this next step isn’t as easy as the first few steps we took with our parents – it’s often a solitary journey.

There is SO much to think about – and a LOT more to ask. Like, what kind of husband am I REALLY looking for? What is the most important characteristic he should possess? How do I know that HE is THE one? How should I present myself in certain situations/scenarios? Like I said – lots of questions! :)

But questions need answers – that’s the way Allah SWT made them. The problem is these questions are often so oxymoronic and sometimes too probing – we are just too shy and confused to ask our loved ones. is taking the first tentative steps to bridge this gap. Our new “Sisters” email movement is a private place where all your questions can be discussed and… maybe even answered Insha’Allah!

Away from the prying eyes of public forums and the embarrassment of asking family (we DO love you mum!) – we know it can be hard for us sisters to get those niggly bits of our chest – regardless of how close we are to our family, sometimes a complete stranger just “gets it” better.

So why not speak to us? We have sisters that are already married; sisters that are looking to get married or even sisters that are happily flying solo.

No question is too big or too small. Whatever is on your mind (about marriage!) come and openly speak about it :)

To get on our mailing list email us with the subject “I want in!” to and let us tackle those issues together Insha’Allah!

Please, please pass on to ALL of our sisters. Looking to get married or already married – it doesn’t matter! The more people we have the more fruitful the discussions will be and Insha’Allah – the more beneficial!

We look forward to hearing from you!


Head Sister

We are the polar opposite of the Yorkie chocolate bar – Sisters email group – it’s not for boys :)

Jazakhillah Khairun!